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'Archaeologist' is a large hollow form made out of unknown wood. The moon jar has an interesting shape and has been decorated with "tattoos" by burning patterns into the wood by freehand. The bottom on the inside of the vessel has been decorated with 24k gold. The guilding elevates this piece of artwork and makes it prefectly unique. Both techniques used to decorate this piece are time consuming and requires a lot of dedication.


The markings on the outside has faded a bit with time, so studying them makes you feel like you´re studying ancient papyrus rolls.

This piece should not stand in direct sunlight, to not risk more fading. Where the burnt marks has faded completely, there’s still visible marks in the wood. The pattern is still visible and the faded spots make it look more mysterious.


€2 500,00Price
VAT Included
  • Height: 22 cm

    Width: 29 cm

    This form is not meant to hold any liquid.

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